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These 5 Warriors of good and light will add a wonderful mix to any army they join in the fight of good verse evil. They would feeling right at home in any fantasy of DnD setting such as Kings of war, frostgrave.

This set is printing to 28mm scale


This set is printed under licence.

These elite warrors of the light stand ready to defent their lord and ther relm from invasion.

this kit comes as a unit of 5 Defenders.

These Models are printed under licence

This construct stand as an amasing centre piece for any light army and will bring terror to your foes.

This model is printed under licence

These warriors stand ready to ride in to battle on the trusted demigryphs to strice fear in to any foe who faces them.

This unit came as 3 models

These models are printed under licence

The Sola Lion and its rider stand ready to lead the army of the light in to battle.  The general leeds his army from above and gives orders as he strides across the battle field swooping down and attacking all before him


This model comes in multiple pieces and is printed under licence