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What you have here is a set of wolf Traps which will work wonder as scatter terrain  or even as Traps layed out for DnD tables.

This set contains 6 traps and can be printed as either 28mm of 32mm.

This product is printed under liecence.

Camp set


Camp set


What we have here is a fishing camp set with a smoking fish and some barrells of fish.

These will be an amazing addition to any table top of Dnd layout as the barrrells can be empty full of fish or even closed to help set the secene.

this set comes with 5 barrells and 1 smoking fish and can be printed at 28mm or 32mm.

These items are printed under liecence 

What you have here is a Waypoint and a notice board (Job Board)  these can be printed in 28mm or 32mm.

these would look at home on any fantasy/ viking table such has frostgrave, warhammer, warcry, dragon rampant, so liven up your table with this wonderful set.

These are Printed under licence.

These sikes would look great on any tabletop and act as great defences for you bases and your ranged unit

set comes with a mix of 8 parts (4 straights and 4 curved),  If you are wanting a different mix of parts please email and we can accomindate were possible.

These models are printed under licence

Add this sleeping hill giant to your tabletop to add character and viraity. would also work as a wonderful objective.

This model is printed under licence 

This set will work as a great set to add to any camp or building set up and would look great around a fire,

this set comes with 2 tables and 3 benches (1 long, 2 short)

This set is printed under licence

This well would look good on its own in the middle of thge forest or as a centre of any village/hamlet.

This model comes with a well and 2 buckets

This model is printed under licence

Here we have a wondful black smiths forge wet up which would look good on any table top or DnD set up

This sest is printed under licence