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A wondeful addition to any forst goblin army, this goblin sharm comes on a scenic base and is ready to wip up the winds of magic to destroy any foe facing your army. 

this product is printed under licence  

This is a wonderful model to lead your army to victory  mounted on a amazing scenic base.

this model is printed under licence.

The ranged unit firing death down upon your enemies, these lovley sculpts will look amasing on the tabletop 

this pack comes as a multi part kit with enough parts to make 10 ranged forest goblins.

This unit can be customised of can be printed with 10 random models

these models are printed under licence.

The main stay of any Forest goblin amry is the wee grunts ready to do battle had to hand with any foe they cross.

This amazing kit comes in multi part form with enough to make 10 forest goglins.

units can be made to order  of can come as a group of 10 random models.

these models are printed under licence